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The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet Of Money

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The innovation of bitcoin is perhaps the most important development of the early 21st century. In a span of only 5 years, the digital currency has jumped from being traded at 4 tenths of a penny, to highs of over $1200. In that time, we've seen individuals, government organizations, and large corporation warm up to the idea that bitcoin may be a form of cyber money pundits have been predicting for years.

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Chaos War

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a group of mythological gods and others assembled by the Greek god superhero Hercules to battle the Chaos King, the embodiment of the chaos and nothingness that preceded creation, which wants to wipe out all existence.

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Read Extra Lives Why Video Games Matter - Tom Bissell ebooks online

Extra Lives Why Video Games Matter - Tom Bissell

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Martin Amis, the author of a fine book about early video games, once said of his predicament as a football fan, “Pointy-headed football-lovers are a beleaguered crew, despised by pointy-heads and football-lovers alike.” In this book I risk a similar sort of beleagueredness to explain why I believe video games matter—and why they do not matter more. It grew out of the last three years of my life, during which I spent quite a bit—possibly even most—of my time playing video games, marvel... [Read More]

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Read Hacking The Next Generation - Nitesh Dhanjani ebooks online

Hacking The Next Generation - Nitesh Dhanjani

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Attack vectors that seemed fantastical in the past are now a reality. The reasons for this are twofold. First, the need for mobility and agility in technology has made the traditional perimeter-based defense model invalid and ineffective. The consumption of services in the cloud, the use of wireless access points and mobile devices, and the access granted to contingent workers have made the concept of the perimeter irrelevant and meaningless.

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